Natural Remedies for Male Enhancement and ED

Quick Review of Penile Guider

Penile Guider is an established resource for men interested in learning about natural treatments for erectile dysfunction and general male enhancement. You will find many helpful articles and videos that explain every aspect of male sexuality, including common sexual dysfunction diseases and treatments. They also frequently publish detailed reviews of well-known male boosting products.

Product Line: Dietary Supplements

OTC dietary supplements for men are one of the two primary sections on Penile Guider, the other being extender devices which we will talk more about below.

VigRX Plus has been the champion of herbal supplements on the website ever since its beginning. With thousands of satisfied customers (and counting) of the popular VigRX brand, this is by the far the top-selling erection pill on online men's stores. This is not another penis enlargement hoax, but a real nutritional formula with proven libido and sex supporting herbs. At Penile Guider you can find all the facts about this product, its benefits, side effects, safety and trustworthiness.

Additionally, there are many other good supplements to choose from, including the new fast-acting ExtenZe Maximum Strength capsules, the improved ProSolution Plus formula, and the new Male Extra. The side-by-side comparisons make it easier to compare the pros and cons of each product and choose the more suitable one for you.

Product Line: Penile Extenders

For men suffering from a micro-penis, or a small penis, there can be some hope to fix this condition besides surgical intervention. Penile extenders are used to stretch the male sex organ with gentle traction force over a long period of time. The purpose is to stimulate natural growth in penile tissue. It is believed that stretching the penis results in micro-tears in the tissue, which leads to cell multiplication and growth in the long run.

That theory has not been duly verified by science, but some clinical trials showed the effectiveness of extender devices in increasing penile length. A lot of men use a daily routine that involves wearing an extender device, using a penis hydro pump, and manual exercises to gain permanent enlargement in both length and girth. A penis extender alone may help increase length, but for girth results you will need to use either a water pump, like Bathmate or Penomet, and/or exercising, like bending and ballooning.

Although a lot of doctors are skeptical about the safety and effectiveness of penis extender, many men have successfully used them to increase their size permanently. There are potential risks and some patients had to see a doctor after experiencing pain, numbness or erection difficulty. So it is not recommended to use such tools without consulting with a professional. Quality devices can be safe if used according to instructions. The best of them are PeniMaster PRO (vacuum glans attachment), and the original Jes Extender (comfort strap and pad).

There are also cheap Chinese penile extenders that are sold at Amazon and eBay, but I would not take the risk of buying or using any of those low quality devices. Spending a little extra for a medical-grade equipment and professional customer support is undoubtedly worth it. You want a device that is reliable and fits in a secure and comfortable way. For that, I can vouch for PeniMaster PRO as most users who have tried different types of extenders agree that the vacuum traction technology on PeniMaster PRO is hands down the best in terms of comfort.

Anyway, you must be aware of the amount of time and sedulity this technique requires. You will have to wear it for around 5 to 10 hours a day, and stick to a daily routine (at least 5 days a week) for a few months to start seeing results. You should also know that each individual responds differently so there is no guarantee that it will work for you, but if it does, you can expect gain in length of about one inch, more or less.